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I invite you to my website for a look and to comment

You can see puppy dog tails tooor just play games or scoot around on my social page!!!!

I would say that Niko has brought a lost art back to life with his hand bookbinding and letterpress printing.

She has a wonderful ability to make use of organic substances in such an artistic way, without losing the life of the material.  Beautiful and made in Canada which also good!

You must see for yourself and visit

and visit her blog at

one of many lovely works of art from


Who also has a website at


A painting mom she calls herself, and that she seems to be, one with a heart and a helping hand for those trying to survive in Haiti.

Visit her sites and look around, you will be very pleased!

Earrings and PUPS

a few pictures of earrings in my Artfire store,      baublezptoa

Rufus found hungry on the side of the road

Millie and Octopus

It is a good time to look at talent!  I am blogging today about JewelrybyNaLa

Tigers Eye Tear Drops Earrings   as you can see, from this beautiful sample, This Jewelry Artisan has quite an eye for combinations, do visit her shop by clicking through the above link, you will be in for a treat!

Geez Louise

Spent two hours updating my website, I could have made this 
in less then two hours and been happy about it.

Geez Louise
Good Grief
My Aching Arse

Too happy for words

Funky penguin - Click image to download.I AM SO PLEASED WITH MYSELF

check this out