Debbie Downs the creator and owner of Dream River Designs even though living on a small farm in Minnesota with husband and two children,  still finds time to do something she loves, designing jewelry.  Like many who work with metal, she realizes the beauty it has to offer and she revels in the fascination of working with it.  Doing Chain Maille is her specialty. But she makes earrings and pendants and also heirloom Rosaries.

Being brought up Catholic myself, I am very familiar with Rosaries, and I have to tell you they can be absolutely beautiful,  modes of prayer, and works of art.  I have one that is an heirloom from my great great grandmother which I cherish, and so have a special appreciation for those pieces.

Quality, Individual Design, Love of the Art, Debbie shows them all in her jewelry.  Here are just a few of her works that I found through her blog photos:

You can find more of her jewelry at