Pitbulls Can Be Loving in Spite of Humans

This is my title for an article on the Best Friends Sanctuary about a wonderful dog named Mini.  I won’t rephrase this article here,  but I hope you will click through this link and read about her.  http://network.bestfriends.org/campaigns/pitbulls/14503/news.aspx

  Here is Mini’s  picture, what a pretty girl!

She has a magnificent story to tell, and a heart warming one at that.

We all want to help and spread the word and make a change in the perception of humans toward animals.  We in turn benefit ourselves in that we learn how to give and receive love, and the impact of that.

Pitbulls are in particular beloved to me because I know many of them and had one as a close friend for all of her life, her name was June.

We need to understand that the type of creatures that live on this world are made “Bad” by us, and it is our responsibility to change that to “Good”.  It is our responsibility to make our animals safe, or either allow them to live in the environments that they are supposed to live their lives.

Where are our hearts?  I know that they are big enough to spread the love around, and help where it is needed!!

My Sweet June

Strong but not Mean